Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Day with My Week with Marilyn

Werth here. Normally here at Film Gab we don't do reviews of recent films, but I know that many of our loyal readers have been going mad wondering, "What did Film Gab's resident Marilyn-phile think of My Week with Marilyn?" So to make you all feel better, here are a couple thoughts I had about the film. It is a very watchable period piece with fine performances by Kenneth Branagh, Dame Judi Dench and Eddie "Why Isn't He Naked?" Redmayne. 
Michelle Williams has been getting a lot of attention for playing Monroe- and she deserves it. More than just resembling her, Williams really takes on the chore of "becoming" Monroe, focusing on that "little girl lost" quality that has become part of the Monroe mythos. Unfortunately, the film's script does not allow her to explore the many other facets of Monroe. Alluded to but not shown is the business woman, the viciously angry wife, and the ambitious actress. So what we see on the screen seems incomplete. But even one facet of Monroe is worth a look.

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