Sunday, November 14, 2010

Get to Know Us!

Here's some info about Werth & Wise that the itsy "about field" just couldn't handle:

About Werth:
Werth is a corn and Velveeta-fed Midwestern transplant who lives in Manhattan and works at a cable television network. He is currently completing a CUNY BA in Classic Film History. In what little spare time he has, he likes to haunt Marie's Crisis, Penelope's Restaurant, and entertain friends with his Paul Lynde imitation.
Favorite Drama- The Color Purple
Favorite Comedy- The Palm Beach Story
Favorite Hitchcock- Lifeboat
Favorite Musical- West Side Story
Favorite Fantasy- LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring
Favorite Guilty Pleasure- Something Weird's Extra Weird Sampler (nothing clears out a party faster)
All-Time Favorite- Some Like It Hot
Joan or Bette?- Joan

About Wise:
Wise grew up stuck between the old money of the Philadelphia Main Line and the horse and buggy culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch.  After graduating from the College of William and Mary, he received his MFA from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  A dedicated baker, book collector, and finder of lost things, he splits his professional pursuits between researching for a boutique PR firm and writing a novel.  He also would really like a puppy. 

Favorite Drama- The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
Favorite Comedy- Clueless
Favorite Hitchcock- Rebecca
Favorite Musical- Singing in the Rain
Favorite Fantasy- Pan's Labyrinth
Favorite Guilty Pleasure- Love, Actually
All Time Favorite- The Wizard of Oz
Joan or Bette?- Bette

Stay tuned for our first posting!

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