Thursday, July 19, 2012

Universal-Packed Weekend!

For anyone who's not squeezing into the megaplex to see The Dark Knight Rises, don't forget that Film Forum's Universal Studios tribute continues, and this weekend is a doozy!

It's got something for everyone: Deadly animals courtesy of Jaws (1975) and The Birds (1963); Belly-laughs with My Man Godfrey (1936) and The Bank Dick (1940); Rootin' tootin' cowboys (and girls) with Winchester '73 (1950) and Destry Rides Again (1939); Old Man River-singin' in Show Boat (1936);
Film Noir with Scarlet Street (1945), Russian Roulette with The Deer Hunter (1978); and lots of Roman innuendo with Spartacus (1960). I could go into Film Forum tomorrow and not come out until late Sunday. 
Does Film Fourm have showers...?

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